Wednesday, November 10, 2010

- multiple flash -

Raine Rogers (left) tries to keep her arm up in the air during a female wrestling competition in a match against Jackie Casteel, who ended up winning the match and the competition. National Service Fraternity Alpha Phi Omega organized the competition at Café Berlin on Wednesday night, as a benefit for the Cedar Creek Therapeutic Riding Center of Columbia. The center provides horseback riding therapy for people with disabilities in the mid-Missouri area.

The the diagram obviously doesn't illustrate the environment - the pure commotion - that surrounded the table where they arm wrestled. Melissa and I used two strobes and it was kind of hysterical when we were trying to communicate with each other about where to position the slave, where to point it, etc. As everyone was shouting and yelling during the matches, we were discreetly mouthing the directions and hand motioning about how to hold the slave...

- Jack Johnson over here.

One strobe behind them. One in the front.

I really wanted to make this one work using one strobe inside and one strobe outside but...I feel like it didn't really give any context of the event. Melissa and I used two strobes, so it was also impossible to try to light the entire area inside. Mellisa had the strobe pointed at the girls that were working the desk at the event, and I bounced my strobe from the roof to cast come light on the front door.

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